How much money should you have, to be able to retire comfortably?


The ideal retirement corpus is often expressed as a multiple of the annual expenses that you start retirement with. This is a simple calculator that helps assess that multiple.



  1. This calculator takes a purely mathematical approach and, thus, its results should not be compared with multiples derived from empirical studies (such as the so-called Trinity study).
  2. The calculator assumes that the capital at the start of retirement will be completely drawn down over the course of retirement.
  3. This is a self-use tool and it is up to the user to understand its construct, and to make realistic assumptions and correctly interpret the results. If in doubt, you should consult a qualified financial advisor.
Estimated number of years of retirement
Accepted Values
Min:20 Max:70
Estimated rate of inflation during retirement
(% p.a.)
Accepted Values
Min:-2.00 Max:10.00
Estimated portfolio return (after taxes) during retirement
(% p.a.)
Accepted Values
Min:0 Max:15.00
Multiple of annual expenses that will be needed